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When we meet for the first time at your home, I “see” your home with fresh eyes, like an artist “see’s” the scene in a different light from a layperson. Sometimes as owners, people suffer from a blindness to the possibilities and drawbacks of their own property, relying on preconceptions, and misconceptions, sentimental attachment, habit and memory affect about what can and cannot be done, what should and should not be considered prior to moving forward to drafting stage. “Brainstorming” design possibilities at an early stage, can either unlock the potential of your home, OR reinforce the correctness of the owners ideas AND supplements them with the builders practical know how.

A variety of home styles and localities

What really impressed me was his keenness and enthusiasm. He comes along with lots of ideas, he’s really keen on the project, he really wants to get it right and he’s as proud of the project as we are. So, I think he’s great.
Paul Jolly
Greg was the best choice
David Tincknel
He was wonderful. He came out and said, ‘No problems, we can make this light and airy to serve your purpose.’ He was very professional in his approach, he has wonderful ideas, he’s reliable and very friendly ...very easy to have around the house.
Nicky Moloney:

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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