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GOOD DESIGN doesn’t cost - it pays!

Have you fallen out of love with your home?

SECOMB builders can help you fall in love with your own home again instead of giving up on it!
What are PROS & CONS of staying put versus PROS & CONS of moving house?

Renovating a home is a palatable alternative for many people, EVEN buying another home with renovation potential is common. CONSIDER Moving costs, stamp duty, real estate commission and advertising, conservatively over $40k. WHY NOT Add those costs to your home renovation budget! Reallocate your holiday budget too, imagine your current home a sanctuary…

“GO” PROS:–  A bigger/smaller/newer/more stylish home etc… assuming a suitable, affordable replacement home can even be found, AND secured, within catchment AND BUDGET?

“GO” CONS:– family life disruption, packing, stress of finding the elusive “new” home, Can you stomach a longer commute from a greenfield estate? Boom despair as prices skyrocket, rushed decisions, offers rejected, massive re- financing, versus staged renovation cost!

“STAY” CONS cost of fixing the family home eg. Dated appearance, need a home office work from home, bathroom, swimming pool etc. The owner and builder need to find a work around/solution and cost these.

 “STAY” PROS good neighbour’s, familiar shops, public transport and schools, proximity to family/ kid’s friends, pet friendly established garden?” Can a price be put on these?

SECOMB builders look at your home with fresh eyes, like an artist “see’s” a scene in a different light, or a comedian finds humour in everyday absurdities. You’d do this at someone else’s open home. A new owner would “See” your home this way too at your own open home! They’d be alert to the possibilities of adapting, refreshing your floorplan for 21st Century living. They’d be getting a builder in to cost different options to fix it, so why don’t you fall in love again with your own home instead of giving up on it?

Don’t let family or friend’s preconceptions, misconceptions and sentimental attachment stop you. Is it bad habits, clutter blocking the homes “STAY” potential? Consult SECOMB builders  to aid the BIG decision “STAY or GO?”

A variety of home styles and localities

What really impressed me was his keenness and enthusiasm. He comes along with lots of ideas, he’s really keen on the project, he really wants to get it right and he’s as proud of the project as we are. So, I think he’s great.
Paul Jolly
Greg was the best choice
David Tincknel
He was wonderful. He came out and said, ‘No problems, we can make this light and airy to serve your purpose.’ He was very professional in his approach, he has wonderful ideas, he’s reliable and very friendly ...very easy to have around the house.
Nicky Moloney:

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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SECOMB builders deliver well thought out rooms for family homes, the collective name for those rooms is a great home!

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