WHY USE SECOMB builders to avoid renovation pitfalls?

When we meet for the first time at your home, I “see” your home with fresh eyes, like an artist “see’s” the scene in a different light from a layperson. Sometimes as owners, people suffer from a blindness to the possibilities and drawbacks of their own property, relying on preconceptions, and misconceptions, sentimental attachment, habit and memory affect about what can and cannot be done, what should and should not be considered prior to moving forward to drafting stage. “Brainstorming” design possibilities at an early stage, can either unlock the potential of your home, OR reinforce the correctness of the owners ideas AND supplements them with the builders practical know how.

GOOD DESIGN doesn’t cost it pays!

How can the existing space be better utilized?
If a room/ rooms are to be stripped out, does the layout have to retain it’s current use?
Is the size right? Can room and house size be economically changed?
For a builder a “room is a room” PERIOD.
For an owner sometimes a room has sentimental attachment, habit and memory affect the flow of owners ideas.
SECOMB builders on the other hand are trained as “problem solvers” with practical know how, and an eye for degree of difficulty, that owners cannot always comprehend,
just like you are good at your job, I am good at mine, but don’t take my word for it, check out SECOMB builders client testimonials on youtube.

your home made better

SECOMB builders deliver well thought out rooms for family homes, the collective name for those rooms is a great home!

To get the most “bang for your buck” we always try working with the property rather than against it, that is the first step towards a great renovation.
Are the views/breezes better from the front or rear, does internal/external privacy feed in to a particular floor plan?
How does terrain, the homes age, the streetscape impact on the design brief?
What is the owners criteria, and what will improve the house as a home, for current and future occupants?
These are not always the same, renovation is the art of compromise, between the physical constraints of the property, the owners wants and dreams, the practicality of alteration within a broad budget criteria. Knowing the budget is no longer a closed secret, it needs to be part of a frank and open discussion. How can a builder design a practical solution with one arm behind their back?

There’s only so much internet research can share, a face to face consultation can open your home to a world of possibilities, call me, Greg Secomb 0418192222

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.