Renovation design help…

  1. Take a close look at your property. Establish what it is worth? Stand back as if you are seeing it for the first time. Would you buy it again? What do you hope to achieve by improvements? If you were paying market value for it now, how would those renovation cost be factored in to the future sale price? Could you buy a different home closer to your dream than try so hard re-modelling what you have?
  2. DREAM BIG, HAVE SOME FUN. Make a wish-list of how great your property would be if you had unlimited money and time. Copy it for later. Then another basic list, the bare minimum items including basic repairs. Somewhere in between is your DRAFT DESIGN BRIEF
  3. DRAFT DESIGN BRIEF look at your wish list, delete impractical, luxurious items you know will never give a return on resale of your renovation dollar. Consider removing items that may need expensive development approvals etc. They can be added back on, if there’s money left over and you still want to fight for them.
  4. Only people with deep pockets can afford no-compromise renovations. Look at the house again with the DRAFT design brief in mind, whether that is the proposed home you want on completion, that suits your lifestyle and broadly constitutes a PLAN you may be able to afford? It may help to do a room by room budget.
  5. Selecting a designer and builder is the critical step. ASK for references, look at testimonials, drive past completed work AND work in progress. Who are the key people? Do they share your vision? Are they making you feel confident, do they get what you want? Pointing out improvements to your plan? Will they be involved from start to finish? Are the progress claims balanced and equitable. BEFORE YOU SIGN, do you understand the scope of works, IS IT AS DISCUSSED and is it well documented in the contract?

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5-Steps before you get renovation design help